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General FAQs

How Can I Make an Appointment?

Fax Referral: +61 (8) 7100 9466


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Do you Bulk Bill?

The practice does not bulk bill for initial appointments.

Will I be charged a gap for surgery

The practice has no-gap arrangements with major health funds

Can I get a same-day appointment?

We can see urgent problems within a week.  Usually the practice nurse or Dr Chong can respond to your problems on the same day if you run into problems

Who will perform my surgery?

Unless you are told otherwise Allen Chong will perform the surgery.  There are short periods of time when a Locum covers the practice.  You will be informed if this is the case and if you wish you can postpone your surgery or visit.  Locums have been carefully selected and have been trained in the South West.  They have all passed AOA Fellowship Examinations.

What is the average wait time to be seen for a routine appointment ?

Our goal is to see you within 6 weeks.  Each referral is processed within a week and you will be contacted with an appointment date and pre visit investigations.

What is the wait time for for surgery?

Public (Non-Insured)

As of Jan 2024, the wait time for Joint Surgery is 9  months.  For other surgery, the wait time is about 3 months.

Private (Insured) or Self Funded

Less than three months for all types of Surgery

Invoice and Billing FAQ

Payment Options

Consultations are to be paid in full on day of appointment.  There are discounts for HCC holders and Pension Card Holders

  • Master and Visa Card 

  • Eftpos

  • Cash (is discouraged due to Covid)

  • No Cheques 

Overdue Accounts and Surgery

If you have money owing on your account we are unable to schedule surgery or consultation until the balance has been paid in full.

Do you offer Medicare Easyclaim?

Yes, we are able to process your Medicare rebate electronically for you.

Workers Compensation and MVIT

You are responsible for all accounts until a claim number from the insurer is provided. In the event that you have a claim number but the insurer fails to pay, the account will be redirected to you.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Private health insurance will not cover an out of hospital consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon.

I have seen Dr Chong before, why am i being charged for an initial consultation?

You will be charged an initial consultation for each new problem you are referred for.
Example: You have seen Dr Chong for your left knee but now you have a problem with your right knee.
If you have more than one problem at the initial consultation you will be changed and additional fee.

Can I just pay the Medicare Gap

No, we require full payment on day.  We can process Medicare Easyclaim

Paperwork for Initial Visit FAQ

Do I Need a Referral?

A referral allows you to claim the Medicare Rebate for appointments.
Most referrals are valid for 12 months.

Who can Witness My Privacy Act Consent Form?

It can be a friend, relative or alternatively, refrain from signing until at the office and our staff can witness it for you.

How Long is My Referral Valid For?

Usually 12 months.  We will inform you if its is about to expire.

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